Cocktail Bars In Palma Nova

There are many great cocktail bars in Palma Nova, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your night out. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere or a more lively environment, there’s a cocktail bar for you.

Cocktail Bars in Palma Nova

About Palma Nova

Palma Nova is a resort town located in the southwest of Mallorca (also known as Majorca to the Brits), in the Balearic Islands. It is situated between Magaluf and Santa Ponsa. The town has a population of around 10,000 people.

Palma Nova is a popular tourist destination, with many hotels, cocktail bars, restaurants and clubs. The nightlife in Palma Nova is lively, with many cocktail bars open until the early hours of the morning. Most of the bars in Palma Nova can be found along the Palma Nova beach making them the perfect place to sit back and enjoy an evening drink or two.

Mojito Cocktail in Iroko Bar Palma Nova

Iroko Cocktail Bar Palma Nova

One of the best cocktail bars in Palma Nova is Iroko Cocktail Bar. This bar has a great atmosphere, with a live DJ and friendly staff.

The cocktails are not your average Sex on The Beach creations. At Iroko, all cocktails are handcrafted by expert mixologists, so you know you are getting the best cocktails in town, created with care.

Cocktail at Iroko bar palma nova

Cocktails At Iroko

This cocktail bar offers some exclusive signature creations for you to experience when on you’re holiday to Palma Nova.

One of our favourites is a cocktail called Tiketi. This cocktail mixes vodka, Cointreau, passion fruit, mango and lime. It is finished off with a dash of dry spicy pepper to give it a unique and exciting taste.

Martini cocktail lovers should try the signature Iroko Martini. This martini is made with sake, a Japanese wine, coconut milk, strawberries, peach and lemon. You can easily see why this cocktail is one of Iroko’s most popular drinks.

If you like your gin cocktails, the Oriental Kiss is for you. This cocktail mixes gin with a Japanese liquor called Choya Umeshu Shiso. It is sweet and delicately flavoured with a unique taste of Japanese plums called “ume”. The cocktail is then finished off with lime and lychee.

Another cocktail that you must try when visiting this bar in Palma Nova is Smoked Jungle.

The cocktail is made from mezcal, Cointreau, lime, pineapple, egg white and chilli and is presented in a way that you will never forget.

Smoked Jungle cocktail at Iroko Palma Nova

Along with these exciting signature creations, Iroko also serves some of the best classic cocktails in Palma Nova. You can find all the classics such as mojito, bramble, daiquiri, old fashioned pina colada. The full list of cocktails at Iroko can be found on their menu.

All of this variety, along with the exotic setting, makes Iroko the best cocktail bar in Palma Nova and one you must visit when visiting the resort or island of Mallorca.

Before you visit, why not check out the Top 5 Cocktails from Iroko Palma Nova and see what cocktail you want to try first.

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