Top 5 Cocktails From Iroko Palma Nova

Tired of the same old cocktails? Looking for something new and exciting to try? Then you need to check out these top 5 cocktails from Iroko Palma Nova! These drinks are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try one of these delicious cocktails today!

5. Violet Gin Sour

Violet gin sour cocktail at Iroko Palma Nova

Coming in at number 5 is the Violet Gin Sour cocktail from Iroko Palma Nova. This classic cocktail mixes gin with violet syrup, lemon and egg whites that gives it a freshing taste perfect for hot summer nights.

This cocktail is perfect for satisfying cravings for something sweet and citrus. With its unique and layered flavours, the Violet Gin Sour is undoubtedly one of the most beloved cocktails around, making it an essential addition to any self-respecting connoisseur’s repertoire of drinks.

4. Iroko Martini

Iroko Martini Cocktail

Part of our signature collection of cocktails, our Iroko Martini is the perfect choice for those who like it shaken and not stired. This unique and refreshing cocktail is the perfect choice for any occasion. With its fusion of crisp Sake Japanese wine, creamy coconut milk, sweet and juicy strawberries, ripe peaches, and a touch of lemon, it combines all the best elements of summer into one delicious drink.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting new cocktail to try at your next get-together or simply a refreshing sip to cool off after a long day on the Palma Nova beach, the Iroko Martini is sure to delight. Head down to Iroko Palma Nova If you fancy trying this classic martini with an Asian twist.

3. Smoked Jungle

Smoked Jungle Cocktail Iroko Palma Nova

Are you ready for a cocktail experience like none other? Iroko Palma Nova is known for our innovative and exciting cocktails. One of our most popular offerings is the Smoked Jungle cocktail, a smoky drink with a delicious kick. This unique cocktail combines the smoky notes of Mezcal with Cointreau and lime, along with sweet pineapple and the bright flavor of fresh egg white. We top it all off with a hint of chili, resulting in a drink that is bold yet balanced, perfect for tantalizing your taste buds.

When it comes to cocktails, there are endless possibilities for creativity and flavour combinations. At Iroko Palma Nova, we pride ourselves on crafting unique and innovative drinks that combine unexpected ingredients to create something truly special. Our Smoked Jungle is one of our most popular cocktails. Whether you’re looking for something daring or simply want to try something new, you won’t find a better cocktail anywhere else than at Iroko Palma Nova.

2. Asian Cooler

Asian cooler cocktail Iroko Palma Nova

Coming in at a close second place is our famous Asian Cooler cocktail. This unique and refreshing drink is exclusively available at Iroko Palma Nova. The combination of gin, St Germain liquor, Prosecco, lime, cucumber, and fresh basil is absolutely delicious and totally irresistible.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated drink that will impress your friends and tantalize your taste buds, look no further than the Asian Cooler. With its exotic flavours and elegant presentation, it’s simply the perfect cocktail for any occasion.

1. Jungle Summer

Jungle Summer Cocktail at Iroko

Taking the top spot at number one is Iroko Palma Nova’s most famous cocktail, Jungle Summer.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying an ice-cold cocktail on a hot summer day. For us, nothing beats the sweet and refreshing taste of a Jungle Summer from Iroko Palma Nova!

This delicious cocktail blends vodka, passion fruit liquor, strawberry purée, lime, and apple to create a refreshingly fruity cocktail that’s perfect for kicking back and relaxing during the summer months.

Whether you’re sipping it on our terrace with friends or just enjoying it on the dancefloor during a night out in Palma Nova, this is one drink that always hits the spot.

So if you’re looking for something to cool you down on those balmy summer nights, be sure to check out Iroko Palma Nova’s Jungle Summer. It’s the best cocktail you will taste this summer.

Iroko Palma Nova Cocktail Bar

Iroko Palma Nova is a must-visit destination for lovers of great cocktails and good times. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day on the Palma Nova Beach or to kick off an exciting night out with friends, this modern cocktail bar is the perfect place to do it. With an extensive menu full of innovative drinks crafted by expert mixologists and a lively atmosphere that always draws a crowd, Iroko Palma Nova is a cocktail bar you need to visit when exploring Mallorca.

Iroko Palma Nova cocktail bar

Iroko is located in the heart of Palma Nova and just a few minutes’ walk from the Magaluf nightlife. During the summer months, Iroko can get very busy so we highly recommend booking your table online before you arrive.

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