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Magaluf is known for its wild nightlife. Magaluf is the place to be if you’re looking for a party. The Magaluf nightlife is full of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, so you’re sure to have a good time. If you’re up for a fun night during your holiday to Majorca, you won’t find anything better than the Magaluf nightlife.

Magaluf nightlife and bars

What is the Magaluf nightlife like?

The Magaluf nightlife is known for having a party atmosphere that can get a little crazy during the summer. The months of April, May and September are really popular for hen parties and stag parties. However, there are also many other things to do that do not involve partying until the early morning hours.

When visiting Magaluf on a night out, expect a vast selection of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and shops to keep you busy.

Magaluf strip is home to most of the bars and nightclubs, which are open until 4 am, and 6 am for nightclubs. The nightlife scene in Magaluf is bustling, and there is always a good time to be had any day of the week. However, weekends tend to get a little busier than during the week.

Magaluf Bars

Bars are the centre of the Magaluf nightlife scene. There are around 50 bars in Magaluf, and most of them are open until 4 am. Best of all, there is something for everyone.

The DJs in the bars in Magaluf play anything from the 60s up to today’s charts, so you are sure to find something you will enjoy.

Magaluf nightlife
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Most of the bars in Magaluf can be found along the famous strip. However, a lot can also be found in Palma Nova which is a resort next to Magaluf.

Palma Nova is around a 5-minute walk from the Magaluf strip. Here you can enjoy a more relaxed vibe compared to the Magaluf nightlife.

Iroko is a trendy cocktail bar located in the heart of Palma Nova and only a few minutes walk from the Magaluf nightlife. At Iroko, you can enjoy early evening cocktails and tapas in a smart and relaxed yet fun environment. Iroko is one of the best places to start your night out, but make sure you book a table as Iroko can get very busy.

Magaluf Nightclubs

There is one main nightclub that is the home of the Magaluf nightlife scene, and that is the world-famous BCM Magaluf.

BCM Magaluf
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BCM Magaluf

BCM Magaluf is a huge nightclub that can hold up to 5000 people. The club has two different areas that is split into the main BCM nightclub and Titos Calvia.

The main dancefloor at BCM Magaluf is where all the action happens, with world-class DJs playing the biggest anthems. 

If you want to experience the Magaluf nightlife in its best form, BCM is a must-visit.

Restaurants In Magaluf

The Magaluf nightlife scene is not just about bars and clubs. There are plenty of amazing restaurants you need to visit when visiting this area of Majorca.

The best restaurants can be found in Palma Nova. The restaurants in Palma Nova are a great place to start your night out before heading over to enjoy the rest of the Magaluf nightlife.

Iroko Palma Nova

Iroko is voted as one of the best restaurants in Palma Nova on Tripadvisor and Google. Iroko’s casual dining experience allows guests to sit back, relax and enjoy a unique selection of Asian tapas and sushi that you can not find anywhere else.

If you are looking for a smart dining experience to enjoy before heading out to the rest of the Magaluf nightlife, then make sure to book your table at Iroko.

Cocktail Bars in Palma Nova
Barbuda Beach Bar

Barbuda Beach Bar and Grill is also another great option when looking for a restaurant to start your night out in. Barbuda is just a few minutes walk from the bars and clubs of the Magaluf nightlife. This 5-star restaurant in Palma Nova includes an outdoor grill that cooks up some of the best steaks and seafood in the area. Barbuda is also voted as the best steak and Mediterranean restaurant in Palma Nova. So if you are coming to Magaluf to enjoy the nightlife, Barbuda is a restaurant you need to visit.

Barbuda Beach Bar
SiSo Beach

Finally, SiSo Beach is another recommendation when looking for a place to start your night out. SiSo Beach is also only a few minutes from the nightlife of Magaluf. This restaurant is located right in the centre of the Palma Nova beach.

Siso is the perfect place to enjoy a few cocktails before heading over to the bars and clubs of Magaluf. Secondly, their roof terrace offers some of the best sea views you can experience.

This restaurant in Palma Nova is known for its high-end dining experience. So dress up, book your table and enjoy the evening before heading over to continue the night out in Magaluf.

Shopping In Magaluf

Magaluf is not only known for its nightlife but also for its shopping. There are plenty of places to shop in Magaluf, whether you’re looking for designer brands or high street fashion.

There are a few main areas where you can shop in Magaluf. These include the Magaluf Strip, Punta Ballena and the Momentum Plaza.

Momentum Plaza is where most of the nightlife is located and is also home to several fashion stores. These include Mango, Ale-Hop, Kola Bay and more. The Momentum Plaza is the perfect place to do some shopping before heading out to enjoy the rest of the Magaluf nightlife.

Shopping in Magaluf
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The Magaluf Nightlife Is Spoilt For Choice

To conclude, whether you are looking for bars, clubs, restaurants or shopping, there is plenty to choose from when visiting Magaluf and Palma Nova. This resort is huge, and it is impossible to cover everything in just one visit. However, people who visit Mallorca to experience the Magaluf nightlife leave happy, knowing they had one of the best nights out of their holiday.

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